About Us

The Leading Disruptive Communication Platform Provider

Established well over 19 years, SawasdeeShop Group has matured and grown sustainably to be the most recognized and well-established Tier 2 Telecom provider licensed by NTC in Thailand. We now have a wide-variety spectrum of Voice Technology services to cater to the entire end-to-end solution for our customers and manage over 2 billion minutes a year, with 15 POPs globally.

Our success is driven by the commitment of all our highly talented and experienced team to deliver new technologies and constantly innovate new products and services in the ever evolving and challenging Voice technology industry.

SawasdeeShop has been successful being the largest and most efficient logistics provider for Voice Technology and I look forward to repeating this success in the logistics of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in the coming years.

– Aswin Phlaphongphanich (CEO)

About Us
Mission & Vision

To simplify the logistics of Voice and Money for both consumer and corporate market segments by delivering cutting-edge and disruptive technologies in the most affordable and convenient ways.

Our Core Values


We ensure the highest accuracy, completeness and consistency of data used by our clients while also guaranteeing highest level of security.


Supporting our customers in the best way is our top priorities. We strive to deliver the most cutting edge technology in the simplest manner– so that all our customers can enjoy the benefits of technology in most affordable and convenient way possible.


In our telecom industry, we believe in the true value of teamwork and collaborative works with our partners, business alliances, strategic players & stakeholders.

Mission & Vision

Our Team

Today we are trusted by over 100+ businesses across Thailand and we are the leading cloud communication provider in SEA’s emerging markets in less than 2 years. We’ve matured to becoming a regionally recognized name with over 35+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence in business telephony through our flagship product.