Voice Automation Experience

Communicate with your customers,
wherever they are in the world

Our world-class VoIP network, intuitive software interface, and flexible voice solutions make it easy to future-proof your business communications. Having delivered over 3 billion minutes annually with a range of voice services, Cloudee is simplifying the complexities of telecom. We have a vast list of VoIP products for you to choose from, which can be customized to suit your needs and our partnerships enable all of our products to be integrated with most business and CRM applications.

Key benefit of Cloudee voice over IP

Traffic Management

Rule based routing, queue management, priority queue and agent assistance help you to prioritize incoming communications and improve responsiveness.


Scalable Solution

As your requirements change and grow, Cloudee VoIP allows you to add services according to your needs. This makes it the perfect partner no matter where you are in your growth journey.

Screen/ Voice log

100% of all calls are recorded and can be tagged with descriptions and categories making it easier to search for the voice files at a later date.

Products in voice cloud solutions

Cloud PBX

Allows you to control your internal phone system and increase productivity by enabling employees to make and receive calls on any device (desk phones, desktop and mobile).

Cloud IVR

IVR system gives callers a menu of options so they can route themselves to the correct department while saving your team’s time, lowering business costs, and leading to better customer satisfaction rates.

SIP Trunking

Allows your business phone system to operate using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. Users can make and receive calls not only on their desk phones, but also on desktop and mobile. SIP trunking connects your phone platform to high-quality VoIP service for international calling. Make and take calls anywhere in the world with international SIP trunk solutions.

Call Center Solution

A simplified way to distribute and manage customer servicing including lead generation, video chat, co-browsing, chat, callback, in-call coaching and more. An efficient cloud-based call center solution without the overheads of on-premises installation.

Number Masking

DID, or Direct Inward Dialling, allows you to send your customers directly to the person they want to speak to, improving communication efficiency.

International call

Make calls internationally with our plans, helping you save on costs when working with partners or customers.

Magic Call Number masking

When protecting the phone numbers of either the end client or your business is essential, magic call displays a virtual number.

By enabling automatic outbound and inbound dialling, your team will never have to waste time prioritising phone calls or dialling numbers. This allows them time to focus on customer support instead of administrative calling decisions.

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