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Your all-in-one business cloud solution

Let us focus on your systems, so you can focus on your clients

Omni-channel. You will hear us use this term frequently because we believe it’s the most efficient way of working. Omni-channel strategy allows you to remain relevant and competitive in a crowded market. In a growing digital landscape, it allows you to connect with your customers through a personalized experience that can turn them into lifelong customers. This in turns allows you to focus on the things that matter the most; nurturing your business.

Cloudee background

Voice Automation

  • Range of VoIP products to choose from
  • Hosts 3 billion minutes of connection a year
  • Seamless integrations with other business applications

Customer Experience Automation

  • See your full customer journey in one place
  • Manage Sales & Customer Service, Marketing, IT, Business Operations and more
  • Integrate email, social media, phone and chat
Customer Experience


  • Leading tool for customer engagement
  • Supports 120+ languages and 30+ communication channels
  • AI constantly learning and developing