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A smart hotel creates a tailored environment by adapting to guest patterns and preferences. Increased security, predictive maintenance, and alerts – from weather alerts to what’s out in the fridge – creates a personalized environment that saves time and money.

Cognitive appliances customize promotions and content in real time, after detecting a room’s ambience. This may include video or static advertising delivered via the television, computer, tablet or smartphone.
While at hotel or away, the smart hotel acts as a personalized digital assistant, granting access for package deliveries via smart locks, sending digital reminders of important events and even reordering everyone’s favorite snacks. Allow your personalized chef to plan a meal based on past likes and dislikes, allergies and what’s on hand in the kitchen.

Smart Hotel
Make you Business Smarter with ClouDee’s Smart Hotel
Enhance the guest experience
Increase environmental sustainability
Convenience & Comfort
Improve operational performance
High Level Security
24 * 7 Monitoring
Energy Efficiency
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