Customer Experience Automation

Streamline communication with your
customers, wherever they are in the world

Our partnerships enable our CRM cloud to offer a seamless omni-channel service to your customers. No matter what platform your customers choose to use, you can control all conversations in one central space, allowing you to engage in more meaningful conversations. Our advanced AI and automations increase your team’s productivity by reducing admin.

Key benefits of Cloudee CRM cloud

Plug in and play features

Simple and easy to use, our system is ready for use straight out of the box, reducing the time and complexity of set up.

Every message

Whether it’s Facebook messenger, Line or Google My Business, our platform allows you to connect all messaging channels into one central place.


Workflow automation

Set up triggered workflows to maintain customer engagement, streamline communications and make the system do the hard work.

Products in CRM cloud Solutions

Omnichannel CRM

An all-in-one solution to your customer communications. Ensure streamlined interactions between your customers and team, enhancing customer experience.

Lead Management

Managing leads is an essential part of any onboarding process. Leads can come from a variety of different channels and capturing them all in one central view allows fluency of process and holistic cover.

Sales Management

Managing sales from a central point is an excellent way to improve efficiency and productivity. Provide value at the right moment in the right channel to every customer across all touchpoints. Activities such as KPI monitoring, lead assignment, pipeline management and more can all be centrally managed with Cloudee CRM.

Customer Services

Customer service is made easy by an omnichannel solution. Knowledge-driven interactions and automation help deliver connected experiences to both consumers and businesses. Responding quickly and effectively to customers is essential to securing loyalty.

Marketing Cloud

Create data-driven, seamless marketing experiences that delight your customers. Our solution helps your team increase campaign engagement, personalize B2B strategies, optimize B2C channels, and gain real-time insights.


Get the best out of your chat system with intelligent and intuitive messaging. Engage your customers at the right time, with relevant content and run chat campaigns to entice.

Video chat

Enhance conversations with video chat. Creating a more personalized and engaging experience leads to improved outcomes and increased productivity

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