AI-Based Conversational Customer Service Platform

DeeAi is a conversational customer service tool which provides full customer experience automation. The technology is used and recognised internationally as key to improving customer engagement and loyalty. We partner with leading innovators in AI technology, working at the forefront of customer experience improvement. Our technology is used across the globe and across different industries with great success and customer satisfaction.

Key benefits of Cloudee DeeAi


Easy Omnichannel Model

DeeAi allows you to manage all customer messages through one, easy interface. No matter what channel they are contacting you from, your agents will use only one platform to view and respond, streamlining their communications and improving their efficiency.

Strong Data Security

The security of your client’s data is extremely important and DeeAi is designed to reflect that. All data is encrypted and both information access and data retention time can all be controlled centrally.

Easy To Understand Analytics

Tailor your analytics to suit your intent. Cloudee’s dashboard is customizable according to your needs and can help provide insights to improve your conversational customer service and conversions.

Features of DeeAi

Notifcation Campaigns

Acquire and engage users with promotional notification messaging, directly to their devices.

Order Cart Management

Allow customers to place orders and manage their carts through a range of platforms.

Product Subscription Suggestions

Suggest products and subscriptions directly to customers, based on persona and preferences, as well as offers and discounts available to them.

Loyalty Points

In built loyalty scheme allows you to engage customers and increase satisfaction, whilst also gathering valuable data and information.


A brilliant way to engage customers across a variety of platforms, in a fun and interesting way, providing valuable insights into customer desires and behaviour.

Cart Recovery

Pro-active notifcations system, allowing you to re-engage and close customer interactions.

Live Agent

Ensure that customers receive a human interaction when necessary, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Seamless Payment Flow

Prevent any sticking points for customers by allowing payment with ease.

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