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Cloudee specialized as a cloud business applications partner company providing end-to-end digital transformation services across tech enablement, integration, and development together with strategy and consulting.

Formerly SawasdeeShop Group, was the first provider in Thailand to offer cloud-based telecommunication services to business clients. As business needs have evolved, we too have evolved to become Thailand’s largest and most recognised voice and CX technology provider. We are a well-established tier 2 telecom provider, licensed by NTC in Thailand and have expanded our cloud business applications range to provide an end-to-end solution, including CRM cloud and Storage cloud. Our success is driven by the commitment of our talented and experienced team, delivering new technological advances, products and services suited to the ever-evolving digital world.


Sawasdeeshop Co.

Ventures into telecom products and solutions for retail and business clients. One of the first e-commerce platforms in Thailand


10 Years


Established Hong-Kong based DeeTelecom to offer reliable and high-quality wholesale long-distance and worldwide VoIP routes.


Platform launch – Cloudee launches a mobile app for enabling domestic and international calls


20 Years


Cloudee Telecom Co. Ltd – Cloudee Telecom is born with a clear focus to enable communication and enhance cloud product offerings. Becomes a Tier 2 licensed company by NTC Thailand.


Cloudee Telecom 2.0 – Launched a completely integrated product suite, offering Voice + CRM + Storage. Partners with Freshworks & Tencent.

Ankush appointed as new Cloudee CEO


Cloudee 3.0 Product expansion – AI chatbot, Cloudeecall, Omni-channel communication

The Cloudee mission is to deliver customer-centric and innovative technological solutions with an aim to build bridges between businesses and their customers

Cloudee Core Values


We endeavor to be at the forefront of business cloud solutions in Asia. We strive to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions in the simplest manner, ensuring our customers can discover insights that unlock endless business opportunities.


We ensure the highest accuracy, completeness and consistency of data for our clients while also guaranteeing the highest level of security. We ensure that we are providing the best possible solutions for each customer.


We believe in the true value of teamwork and collaboration with our partners, business alliances, strategic players and stakeholders. We know that only through excellent team work can businesses achieve the best possible productivity and outcomes.

Cloudee Team

As the leading cloud communication provider in South East Asia, we are a regionally recognised team with 50+ employees, spanning several languages and expertise in Cloud business application services. As our partnerships grow, you will meet more of our team, working across pre-sales, customer service and engineering. If you would like to join the conversation with us before then, look for our posts on LinkedIn

Aswin Phlaphongphanich, Cloudee Founder

Aswin Phlaphongphanich

Aswin Phlaphongphanich has established himself as a leader in cutting-edge, disruptive communication solutions in Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar over 2 decades. As founder and Group CEO of Sawasdee Shop, he is constantly looking for ways to transform businesses through technology – a vision that the Cloudee team strives to achieve.

”Developing Cloudee has been a natural and comfortable evolution for SawasdeeShop Group. It is in our nature to stay ahead of the curve with technological advancements and I know we will continue to do so. We’re passionate about communiction and know that it is essential to allowing businesses to get closer to their customers”

Rasmegh Srisethi

An expert in digital development, with a masters in Digital Business Strategies for Business, Rasmegh truly understands business digital needs. With an interest in education, no-one better knows and understands the value of strong and clear communication.

“The support which Cloudee offers businesses in implementing the finest digital omnichannel strategies is exactly what is needed for business success. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved and how far we’ve come in being able to offer such first-rate solutions.”

Ankush Bhardwaj

Passionate about technology and helping teams to break away from the traditional environments and working styles, Ankush was appointed as CEO to drive Cloudee forward into 2.0 vision and beyond.

“Selling is my passion, Innovation is the fuel. Cloudee are the ultimate innovators and I love helping the team to remain committed to delivering the most relevant and cutting edge solutions”

Pansak Plumkoson

Focused on driving our enterprise and government business, you will likely meet Pansak at a networking event in and around Thailand. Pansak has been with Cloudee since before the first product launch and has extensive experience in technology and project management. This makes him the perfect leader for our Sales and Support Teams.

"Technology is constantly evolving and adapting and having been in the industry for some time, I love watching it develop. Cloudee is constantly adding new products to its repertoire, making it a great place to continue being part of this development."


Cloudee is always looking for the best in class talent to join our team and expand our market. If you have skills you think we need, please send your CV to [email protected]

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