Even though we live in a Mobile First world, the 02 Thai Business Phone number  continues to be an important communication channel for most companies today.  From the perspective of a customer, a 02 phone number represents an established and credible business operating out of a fixed office space.  However, traditional 02 businesses numbers come with a lot of “wires” attached which cause business owners to rely on mobile phone numbers out of convenience.

For example, traditionally, you need an office space to set up the PBX, a the hassle of documentation and high up-front investments etc.  Today, ClouDee is revolutionizing Business Communication Sytems by providing a fully-functioning, high level office communication system without all the hassle and expense!

What does the ClouDee PBX offer you?

  • Cloud PBX calls internal systems through Cloud and create a number. And use it on the Mobile phone.
  • Unlimited storage and safety on Cloud.
  • Virtual Global Numbers: Create a 02 or a foreign number.
  • On-Demand Call Center: Create a cost-effective call center.
  • Cloud IVR: using the mobile phone also has an autoresponder.
  • Call Recording: record all incoming and outgoing as MP3
  • Missed Call Alert: Receive Email Alert every time you miss a call.
  • Call Tracking: Capture extensive caller profile data for every caller and build your database in real-time.
  • Caller Insight: Save call data and create customer profiles.
  • Google analytic Integration: Integrate with Google analytics for deeper insight.
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