Video SDK

Let your customers have a Face to Face conversation with you in just one click !

Transform Your Business Communication Platform with ClouDee’s Video SDK

Engage your Customers or Users from either Website or Mobile by enabling Cloudee Video SDK. Open the Omni-channel communications with your customers, from where they like to be.

Make you Business Smarter with ClouDee’s Video
Engage your customer from any platform
Integrate and blend well with CRMs, Help Desk and Enterprise Applications
Enable Easy File
( Pictures, Documents, Video and Voice ) Sharing
How it works
For Businesses, Setup is done in just one click.

In just one click, download the Video SDK file.

configure the SDK

Simply insert the soft code provided by us in your mobile app.


Let your customers connects with you in just one click. Even your customers can connect with other peers instantly.

For Customers, it is as simple as making a video call.

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