SawasdeeShop established well over 17 years & has matured and grown sustainable to be the most recognized and well-established. Now we have the vastest variety spectrum of Voice Technology services and Mobile Financial Services to serve end-to-end solution for our customers

The leading Disruptive Communication Platform Provider
ClouDee’s products are centered on disruptive technologies that transform the way businesses use their communication systems and interact/engage with customers.
Our state-of-the-art cloud technology offers high quality unified communication services (UCaas) with complete integrated Voice, Messaging, Analytics, SDK/API and IOT solutions. It’s simple-to-use, pay-as-you-go comprehensive features allow streamlining business operations for Start Ups, SMEs and Enterprises of any size.

Money and financial services business of Money transfer licensed by Bank of Thailand (BOT). Plus, International Operation Network Top-Up. DeeMoney is the pioneer in offering the lowest cost and most efficient money transfer service to Myanmar, Cambodia and Asia countries.

DeeCard (Internation Calling Card)
Sawasdeeshop’s International Calling Card retails 22 calling spanning global networks for countries included in ASEAN, South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. To meet the need of customer convenience, our calling cards are available to buy and top-up in all 7-11 across Thailand, as well as through delivery by authorized dealers. Our multi-language 24×7 call center providers support to all customers at any time in any language

DeeTelecom is a leading global provider of next generation IP Voice services and solutions for the world of communications. With a registered office in Hong Kong, we are one of the primary leaders in internet telephony and prepaid services with our global VoIP infrastructure, expertise and portfolio. Since 2004, we have built successful businesses and created sustainable long-term partnerships with our partners


Message From CEO
Established well over 17 years, SawasdeeShop Group has matured and grown sustainably to be the most recognized and well-established Tier 2 Telecom provider licensed by NTC in Thailand. We now have a wide-variety spectrum of Voice Technology services to cater to the entire end-to-end solution for our customers and manage over 2 billion minutes a year, with 15 POPs globally.

Our success is driven by the commitment of all our highly talented and experienced team to deliver new technologies and constantly innovate new products and services in the ever evolving and challenging Voice technology industry.

SawasdeeShop has been successful being the largest and most efficient logistics provider for Voice technology and I look forward to repeating this success in the logistics of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in the coming years


To simplify the logistics of Voice and Money for both consumer and corporate market segments, as well as masses and under-served in ASEAN by delivering cutting-edge and disruptive technologies in the most affordable and convenient ways