SMS Alerts, Emails and Push Notifications

Transform Your Business Communication Platform with ClouDee’s Notifications

As a Business, you wants to get notified for every touch base your customer is trying to build with you.
At the same time, You don’t want to miss out any opportunity alerting your customers regarding the latest business updates, do you ?
Use our Cloudee’s ready-to-use SMS Alerts & Notifications feature to automate communication and increase business efficiencies.

SMS - Business Side
Get SMS Alerts right on your phone instantly as soon as a customer is trying to have a touch base with you.
Example – If you miss a call from your customer and then you get a miss call alert on your phone right away.
SMS - Customer side
Use SMS Alerts to deliver business-critical information to provide a superior user experience to your customers.
Example – When you transfer funds through mobile and net banking, you receives an instant update of the account balance as a SMS Alert right on your phone.
Email Notifications - Business Side
As a business owner, you will get notified each time your customers are engaging themselves with your business process.
Example – When your customer place an order, you gets an email notification instantly.
Email Notifications - Customer Side
While communicating basic information with your customers Email Notification can be used.
Example – Successful Signups, Orders Confirmation, etc.
Push Notifications
Notify your customer in just one click on any platform.
Example – Notify your customers regarding latest deals.
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