Call Tracking

Track call for lead generation and marketing campaigns

Transform Your Business Communication Platform with ClouDee’s Call Tracking

Cloudee lets you to track which web pages, offline marketing, online digital campaigns are driving inbond phone calls to your agents. This will help you to understand your ROI and optimize your business.

Call Tracking


Make you Business Smarter with ClouDee’s Call Tracking
Call Reporting and Management
Quick Setup and Real Time monitoring
Ready Integration with Google Analytics
Pay as you use ( monthly / yearly )
How it works
It is as simple as counting 1,2,3…

Advertise a unique virtual number for each online and offline campaign, client or even each billboard location.

Capture real time analytics

ClouDee captures data about every call, including date and time, called and calling parties, call completion status, call duration, call recording and more.

Gain insights into your conversion analytics

Track your marketing ROI and make better resource allocation decisions for your business by generating reports from our dashboard.

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